Übung 1 zu den Relativpronomen

(Aufgabe 1 – Relativpronomen: ‘who, whose, which’)

Relativpronomen (who, which, whose) – Lückentext (Schwierigkeit: 2 von 5 – eher leicht)

Wähle aus der Dropdownliste das jeweils passende Relativpronomen (who, whose, which) für den Satz.

  • Beispiel: “The flowers ____________ you have brought look beautiful.”“The flowers which you have brought look beautiful.”

Überprüfe deine Eingaben nach dem Ausfüllen mit dem Button unten. Sollte noch etwas unklar sein, schau dir noch einmal den Artikel zu den Relativpronomen an.

  1. My neighbor lives next door is British.
  2. That man hair is very short works in my company.
  3. My sister’s friend, comes from New Zealand, is staying with us at the moment.
  4. Robert sent me a postcard was so funny.
  5. In front of our house there is a big tree is very old.
  6. Nancy, cat often plays in our garden, is a friend of mine.
  7. Hanna and Carla, are sisters, play the violin.
  8. The men is sitting next to me is my friend’s father.
  9. The yellow car you can see there belongs to Jeremy.
  10. The woman shoes are red is my new teacher.

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