Beispiel eines amerikanischen Geschäftsbriefes

(A Sample Business Letter in American English)

Wie könnte ein amerikanischer Geschäftsbrief aussehen?

Briefkopf Wink & Wolly Inc.
7566 Mountain Ave., Suite 423
San Jose, CA 95446
Tel. +1-973-457811
Fax: +1-973-457812
Datum December 23, 2015
Zustellungsvermerk By Air Mail
Anschrift Ms. Sally Jameson
Steel Industries Ltd.
34 Worlington Street
Great Britain
Betreff Re: Your letter of December 22, 2015
Anrede Dear Ms. Jameson:
Brieftext Thank you very much for your letter mentioned above. Enclosed, you will find the form containing the necessary data.

We hope this will be to your entire satisfaction in order for you to prepare our desired material. Should you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

We look forward to receiving your quotation as soon as possible.
Grußformel Best regards,
Firma Wink & Wolly Inc.
Unterschrift Unterschrift Beispiel amerikanischer Geschäftsbrief
gedruckter Name Steven Barker
Position Purchasing Manager
Anlage Encl.: Form
Verteiler Cc: Mr. Robert Mc Gillan, Head of Sales
Bezugszeichen STB/RT

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